Why Opt For A City Hall Wedding? Tons Of Reasons!

City hall weddings are becoming more and more common and for good reasons. Let’s face it: even budgeted and at “cheapest”, weddings can cost a lot!

If you add up guest costs, renting a hall cost, food cost, bar cost, rehearsal dinner cost, wedding dress and full parts clothes costs, the cost of the cake… and that’s just the beginning. From there, the budget only goes higher. Sometimes, tailoring a dress can cost tons as well or if the bride changes her mind last minute.

Economically strained (or smart and frugal!) people think “the simpler, the better”, so they opt for city hall weddings. A lot of times, if both parties are dominantly religious or completely non-religious, such an option seems very attractive.

Also, since city halls have limits on the amount of people you can invite, most couples end up inviting extremely important guests such as their best friends and parents, instead of the typical couple of hundred people they may have fought over.

Perhaps a couple may consider a city hall wedding due to an illness they may be experiencing (something serious) or something such as stage fright (which is a bigger fear than most folks don’t admit to). Truthfully, the biggest reason couples cite to sticking with quick city hall weddings is budget.

Most couples could use the money for a down payment on a car, house, or a sweet vacation. Millennials have grown up thinking that experiences through traveling are something to be cherished over investing in traditional things such as overpriced weddings. Why not celebrate a couple’s union in their beautiful backyard or a gathering at the beach? Why not have a potluck dinner or opt for an experience with your close family and friends?

A city hall wedding presents couple with a quick, cheap option and one that a lot of young couples are happy to have and take!

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