Water Sports Can Be Expensive And Dangerous!

For those that know me well, they know that I love sports of all types but more so “alternative” sports: snowboarding, skiing, hiking, ping pong, kayaking and canoeing, jet skiing, and surfing.  While I may not be great at any of them, I’m pretty decent at most.  While I love doing all of these things, what I hate is the money I have to spend on equipment every few years.  That’s why, I go out of my way to fish cheaper deals and buy stuff that will last me years (well, that’s the goal!)

To save money, I do intense online research like when I did with inflatable kayak reviews.  Usually, I find great deals and when research fails me, I specifically look into forums but I’ve been mostly lucky so far.  What I enjoy about water sports is… basically water.  I’m a water baby.

If you do need to check out kayaks or canoes and are just beginning, then you will find some of the best inflatable kayak reviews on that site.  The thing with starting with an inflatable kayak is that they are MUCH cheaper than the hard shelled options.  You can get one for around $150 to muck around in.  I suggest checking out reviews and looking at options that fit your budget.

Some safety tips for water sports in general: Always go with a buddy!  While the water/ocean/sea can be tons of fun, there is still great danger lurking.  Sea creatures are one thing but drowning or capsizing are real threats.  Expert swimmers and canoers have lost their lives out in the sea.  Even close enough from the shore…

That is the biggest safety tip anyone can give you.  I have a few buddies who have been doing water sports for years and while I understand why they are confident, I firmly believe it’s stupid to be this overconfident.  Why gamble with your life?

Either way, holiday season is upon so have a great time with your family and friends and if you’re lucky enough to enjoy the beaches on both coasts, be safe and have fun.

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