Top iPhone Accessories & Apps

With so many iPhone versions on the market, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus being among the top options available, it’s no wonder there are hundreds of really cool applications and accessories that one could take weeks to choose from, download, and play with.

Once you’ve had the iPhone for a few months, unfortunately, you will notice the wear and tear of your iPhone charger that it came with. First, you’ll see the outside, the casing, go, and then the exposed wires.

Same thing holds true for the headphones, unfortunately.

While you are making a list of which apps and accessories to purchase, you may as well add these to your list:

#1. Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit

This is one of the sweetest accessories on the market, especially if you love riding your bike over long distances, whether it’s mountain biking or road biking. The mount fits well, is extremely sturdy and durable; it can handle water, sweat, and basic elemental abuse.

quad lock

#2. iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Mount Holder

This one is for folks who can’t live without their iPhones, especially on short trips. Obviously on long trips, it’s a given that you’ll use your iPhone a fair amount. What we have here is a car mount holder for your iPhone; it consists of a 360 degree mount and is super secure. The best part? While you’re using the mount, you can also charge your iPhone.

one touch mount

#3. Zuckerim Gekkopod Adaptable Smart Phone Mount

At first, this accessory looks like an imitation of a formidable sea creature! Upon closer inspection, however, you will observe that this is one of the neatest mobile tripod’s available on the market (especially for under $25!) It allows you to mount your iPhone to anything, really, but wrapping the “arms” around an object.

How cool is that?

It also has a ball accessory so you can tilt the phone 360 degrees, making it possible to capture any cool shots or videos you can imagine!

gekko mount

These are some of the most fun accessories available. Of course, you can also check out some free apps that you can download within a matter of minutes and get things going. However, there are apps that are not available for free and are typically priced from $0.99-$4.99. Most free apps include advertisements or in-game purchases which means for anything extra, you’ll have to pay.

Some of the most popular apps for the iPhones are the video and image editing apps, as well as games. Of course, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the top apps available.

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