Finding the Best Mouse/Keyboard for PC Gaming

PC Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

At Connected Consoles our namesake implies that we are focused purely on gaming consoles, but in reality we are focused on all types of technology and gaming, including mobile apps, gaming consoles as well as PC gaming.

In PC Gaming, the performance of your system is really going to influence the experience of your games, but it also comes down to the peripheral equipment (i.e. mouse and keyboard).  After all, a bad interface is going to screw with your entire experience, and a perfect interface can even give you a leg up on the competition.

So we’ve set out to find the perfect peripherals, including the best mouse for PC gaming, ergonomic keyboards, even going so far as picking a perfect chair.  Why not join us on this endeavor?  Here’s how we will do it.

We are going to ask that you send in your choices for the best peripherals for pc gaming, send them in to  After we get 100 responses we will take the top results and compile a list, do our own research, and present the findings.  Sound good?

So go ahead!  Send your responses to, and include your favourite mouse, keyboard, chair, monitor, and any special setups that you use for your hours of gaming fun.

Look forward to it!

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