How Apps Are Modernizing The Legal Marijuana Market

It wasn’t too far back when we didn’t have fancy Androids or these iPhones. Hell, go further back and I remember in the 90s when I was in high school and using the pay phone to make phone calls, hoping I had just enough quarters to make the calls that I needed to. I also used to own a Polaroid camera which I loved dearly as well. Finally, in the late 90s when we had a “family cell phone”, I’d use it for hours to speak with friends and unfortunately, run up the bill (which my parents weren’t happy about). And how could I forget using a modem to connect to AOL (America Online) and its shoddy service in hope of connecting online and escaping to a whole digital world?!

Happy to reminisce with you, but what does all of this have to do with medical marijuana and apps and technology? Well, hold your horses, Youngin’…!

Fast Forward To Now

Even in the early 2000s, the marketplace had a great need for standalone devices such as watches and GPS (global positioning systems). However, due to the advancement in mobile phone technology, the need for such things, for the average consumer, is practically non-existent.

You can use free apps of all kinds on your phone. You can even “upgrade” or pay for apps related to any niche. Now, relate all of this to the grown up world of medical and legal marijuana and it will blow your mind.

In the 90s, you would have to deal with drug dealers to get any weed, whether for recreational purposes or medicinal. Thanks to the legalization of weed in several states, this is no longer the case. However, the medicinal marijuana industry is just as complicated, as dispensaries that are open legally still have to battle drug dealers or anyone selling this beneficial drug illegally, really.

While you have legal dispensaries popping all over the place, this one San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary is doing a fantastic job adopting to today’s marketplace. Patients suffer from many illnesses and may be unwell to pick up their prescriptions or feel inconvenienced; the reason doesn’t matter. A Green Alternative uses an app like Meadow to provide its clients with their prescriptions at their door, in the privacy of their home, as they wish.

Marijuana Deliver Is Now Possible

This Changes Everything!

This changes everything! Do you know how simple this makes it for patients to get their meds? They no longer have to walk into a dispensary or feel anxious. There is still much stigma attached to the usage of marijuana, even when it is for medical purposes. There are countless patients who rely on the medical benefits of this plant for treatment and coping with extremely serious illness such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and HIV/AIDS.

To be clear, many studies are being conducted for more conclusive data. However, users of medical marijuana have reported beneficial results such as slowing down of diseases or coping with side effects from treatments of earlier mentioned diseases.

The legal marijuana industry is headed in an exciting direction and already has a nice start with using apps in a smart way.

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